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Refuge Bay 1, 2, 3

Two moorings are located in the central area of the bay slightly East of the  beach and waterfall. The other one is on the Western shore just inside the  entrance to the bay.  

Western Shore Mooring on the Starboard hand as you enter Refuge  Bay  

GPS: 33.35.919S 151.14.833E  

Number: CL2747-1  

Red cone with a white top 


East Mooring (Nearest Waterfall)  

GPS: 33.36.071S 151.15.044E  

Number: CL2747-2  

Red cone with a white top  

Central N/E Mooring  

GPS: 33.36.051S 151.15.058E  

Number: CL2747-3  

Red cone with a white top  


The East mooring (nearest waterfall), now a cone is the original Club Mooring  owned by the Founding BHCC Commodore, Merv Marshall. The original tyre  mooring carried a brass plaque dedicated to Merv's memory. The tyre  mooring was replaced in 2006.

Weather: Open to the North West at the entrance to the bay. 

Refuge Bay Moorings revised plan.png
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