Gone Fishing 2017

Over 85 people attended BHCC's first children's "National Gone Fishing Day" at Bobbin Head. The Australian Recreational Fishing Foundation donated free sample bags and 40 rods. Scott Leavers ("Araluen") assisted by Gary Clarke ("Sushi") demonstrated the basics of fishing including how to rig the rod and reel, how to tie an improved clinch knot, casting, looking after the rod and reel, and handling fish. BHCC supplied the bread, sausages etc for the 100 free sausage sandwiches which were cooked by Jonathan Upton ("Safari") and Vicki Leavers ("Araluen"). The club also provided the swivels and sinkers to rig the lines. The morning was a huge success and put a big smile on all the children’s faces.

Gone Fishing

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