Macquarie University Cancer Research Lab Tour

June 2019

Eight members of BHCC joined Kate Christian and Steve Gebbie from Cure Cancer Australia on a tour of the clinical research Laboratory at Macquarie Hospital.  With blue gowns donned, we had the pleasure of meeting Dr Esther and Dr Inge and their team of dedicated researchers working specifically in the investigation of melanoma. The painstaking project involves observing cells isolated for the purpose of measuring changes. Along with microscopes and scalpels, there are machines that help with classifying and dividing cells, and other machines that simulate the temperature of the 

human body. Confronting as it was, it was fascinating to see the masked and gloved researcher process a patient’s freshly excised melanoma ready for testing with the cells from the patient’s own immune system.

Both Doctors, Esther and Inge were generous with their time and happily answered our questions. It was inspiring to be in the presence of the Doctors and their research team  in their passionate and busy quest advancing towards the cure of melanoma.

Bruce, Ngaire, Grant, Louise, Rachel, Andrew, Robert and Maria were joined in convivial friendship later for dinner at The Ranch by Darryl, Jenny, Peter and Barbara. It was indeed a very worthwhile and much appreciated BHCC event.


"Maria Louise"


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